Micro-Manoúche H​umbucking pickup Optimized for all Gypsy Jazz Guitars:

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Simple and effective: The ​Micro-Manóuche​ has been 10 years in the making: my design intention was to combine the best features of my most successful pickups for jazz guitar (Mini Humbucker, Nuevo and PAF) into a simple and cost-effective pickup housed in a beautiful laser-engraved brass-plated cover.. After much experimentation I am proud to say that the new Micro Manouche ​is the the most affordable, well-balanced and versatile Krivo Humbucker available: Clarity and warmth with a bit of a gritty edge to the tone.
The ​Micro Manouche​ has ​exceptionally ​great string-to-string balance: this pickup completely solves the balance issues which have beset other magnetic pickups for gypsy-jazz guitars.
The ​Micro-Manouche i​ s the best Krivo Pickup for ​D-hole​ and ​F-hole G​ ypsy Jazz Guitars, but excels on every type of guitar. Not merely a “gypsy” pickup, the ​Micro-Manouche ​sounds fantastic on archtops too.
The Krivo ​Micro-Manoúche​ features the following:
● Innovative “Optimized Microphonics” design senses acoustic vibrations from soundboard in addition to string vibrations.
● Mounts with included non invasive easily removable finish-friendly putty.
● Attractive laser-etched brass plated cover.
● No modification to instrument, mounts in seconds.
● High output: 9.5K Ohms.
● Fully shielded and hum-cancelling for
noise-free performance.
● Hand wound with AWG44
single-enamel magnet wire. ● Genuine audiophile grade
MogamiTMcable .
● SwitchcraftTM connectors.​
● Very responsive to EQ— a wide range
of tonal colors are at your disposal, from bright and transparent to thick and colored.
● Works equally well with a tube amp or Schertler, AER type acoustic amps.
● Excellent transparent acoustic tone.
● Incorporates a 1/4′′ g

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