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Danelectro Filthy Rich Tremolo


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As you can see right off the bat, the control section is easy to use, containing just 2 knobs and a switch. The knobs control the Speed, or Rate, and the Depth, or Intensity, of the tremolo effect. From slow-moving, subtle tone enhancement to freak-out, pulsating, big wave blasts of sound, the range from these two parameters is HUGE, even if the Filthy Rich itself isn’t. The lone toggle lets you choose between the smoother, more relaxing Soft mode, and the tougher, biting, choppy aspects of the Hard mode. These both function differently depending on the settings for the control knobs, and again offer a lot of options to come from this seemingly simple effect.
Based on a thick, deep amplifier tremolo from the 1940’s, which was invented by Danelectro, the Filthy Rich seeks to replicate and bring back that technology, for one of the richest tremolo tones ever heard. Another gem in this Billionaire lineup of affordable but really good-sounding pedals, the Filthy Rich lives up to its name…in tone, at least. Thanks once again to Danelectro for another collaboration, hopefully we’ll have more of their gear for you in the new year. Be sure to check out our demo below, too, to see and hear this guy in action!

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Filthy Rich Tremolo


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