Markbass New York 121 Bass Cabinet 400W @ 8 Ohm 1X12


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This new cabinet sounds deeper and warmer than the other 1×12″ cabs thanks to its more generous dimensions, whilst remaining light and portable. Plus, it features a 1″ voice coil tweeter in straight position with incredible clarity and definition. New York 121 D2 is a great choice for 12″ lovers that also like to have full sound and old-school vibes. Highs are sweet and round, the upper mids have loads of presence, and the low mids have a warmth that sweeps evenly into a solid bottom end. Furthermore, its size perfectly stacks with our New York 151 cabinet allowing for new speaker configuration stack options. > WARM, FULL TONE Larger size of NEW YORK121 D2 gives a punchy, full and deep tone, as if the speaker was much bigger than 12″. > 1″ VOICE COIL TWEETER / TWEETER LEVEL CONTROL The 1″ voice coil tweeter in straight position gives sweet and round highs, with incredible definition and clear tone and not at all harsh at higher volumes. As for other Markbass cabinets there’s a tweeter level attenuator conveniently located on the side of NEW YORK121 D2. This allows you to control the tweeter output as you stand in front of the cabinet to listen to the sound. > LIGHT WEIGHT Weighing in at a mere 15.8 Kg this cabinet it’s another easy ‘one man lift’ – in fact it can be put in a bass bag on your back with all the leads in, amp head in one hand and pretty much the cabinet in the other. > FITS PERFECTLY WHEN STACKED WITH NEW YORK 151 This cabinet stacks with the New York 151 cabinet, offering new speaker configuration stack options. > PERFECT CHOICE FOR DOUBLERS This exceptional cabinet is perfect with electric bass, but it’s also ideal for double bass and acoustic bass since the sound of acoustic instruments is accurately reproduced by this amazing cabinet.
Speaker Size: 1 x 12”
Tweeter: 1″ voice coil tweeter
CAB Power Handling (AES Standard): 400W RMS
Crossover Frequency: 3.5 kHz
Frequency Responce: 41Hz to 20KHz
Sensitivity: 99 dB SPL
Impedance: 8 ohms
Tuned Port: Rear
Dimensions: 18.3”/ 46.4 cm (w); 18.3”/ 46.4 cm (h); 18.9 / 48 cm(d)
Weight: 34.9 lbs / 15.8 kg

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New York 121 Bass Cabinet 400W @ 8 Ohm 1X12


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