Stephen FewerGuitar

An avid fan of all things with strings, Stephen is a guitarist from Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia. Playing piano at the age of 6 and guitar by age 11, Stephen caught the practice bug at an early age and quickly became obsessed with all aspects of the guitar. Although he is just emerging from his deep dive into the world of classical guitar to receive his Bachelor of Music at Dalhousie University (2018), Stephen still has a love of wailing electric guitars and creative singer-songwriters. Regularly gigging as a solo performer and as an addition to larger ensembles, Stephen has developed a reputation as a ‘musical chameleon’ that can adapt his style to nearly any musical context.

Specializing in guitar performance, structured practice, and technical development, Stephen can be found teaching almost every day of the week either at Dalhousie University or at FRSPA!

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